Insurance Cover

We are going along with R+V Versicherung AG

After the auction award every foal will be insured by the following insurance company

Generalagentur der
R+V Versicherungsgruppe
Am Albertsberg 30
75031 Eppingen

Phone 0049 7262/6293
Mobile 0049 171/9676722

Each foal is insured in case of death, dying or emergency killing, and uselessness for riding or driving resulting from illness or accident in accordance with general policy conditions (AVB TLP 01/2008 der VTV). This includes illnesses such as ataxia resulting from accidents and tendon injuries resulting from accidents.

The indemnity is 80% of the insured sum.

Insurance coverage ends 8 weeks after the auction knock down and the premium is 1% of the insured sum. The insured sum is the auction knocked down price, to include auction fees and value added tax, to a maximum of 50.000 EUR.

All insurance premiums are valid plus insurance tax, which is currently 19%.

A follow-up insurance can be purchased within the 8-week period on the buyers account. We are happy to help assistence you with that! Please get in touch with our team.