How can I bid?

To read our step-by-step guideline on how to bid, please klick here.

What can I do when the password does not work that I received after registration?

In case the automatic created password does not work that you received after your account has been verified, please click on “Can’t access my account” and you can request a new password. Please do not be surprised, when a Microsoft Window opens. The auction platform weauction works with Microsoft Login. Please do contact our team as well!

How can I make sure that the horses are healthy?

All horses were clinically examined before receiving the approval of specialised veterinarians. The veterinarians inspection reports are uploaded as PDF files for each horse. Please click here to see all vet documents.

If I have more specific questions about the horses, who can I contact?

Please feel free to contact our team!

If I have a specific technical question/problems, who can I contact?

Please feel free to contact ClipMyHorse.TV Auctions BV by e-mail support@clipmyhorse.tv or by phone: +31 (0)10-7421812.

What happens when the time is almost up and I do not have enough time to submit another counterbid?

The end of the auction for each horse is automatically extended by 5 minutes after the last bid. This means that if I bid at 19:59 for lot 1, which automatically ends at 20:00, the end of the auction of lot 1 will be postponed by 5 minutes to 20:04 etc. This postponement will not influence the end of the auction candidate lot 2 at 20:03

When do I find out if I was the last bidder?

Directly after the end of the auction of each lot, you will be informed by e-mail.

How do I pay for my foal?

The Oceanside GmbH & Co. KG will contact you on Tuesday after the auction for the invoice and payment. The bidder will receive the invoice indicating the price with the commission fee (6%), insurance costs (1%) and value-added tax.